There are two reasons most people look into making their own ketubah:

1) They want something personal and

2) They want to economize.

The main reason most people don't end up doing a DIY ketubah is Hebrew knowledge.

I try to remove that stumbling block by offering a wide variety of prepared texts made to order and printed on high quality materials just right for drawing and painting or for digital artists. (For the complete selection see TEXT ONLY KETUBAH).

For Drawing and Painting

For painting and drawing directly on paper or for layering. All designs come with free technical advice and consultation for your DiY ketubah.


  • Order the paper size that matches your needs and specify the size for the text area.
  • While the paper and canvas are great for painting and drawing, for worry free experience, you can make a decorative border on material of your choice with a window cut out for the text. This will allow you to make mistakes and start over without worrying about destroying your text. 
  • Ask for custom colors - choose a text color and a background color.
  • Match the total size of your finished piece to the size you order for easier alignment (no crooked text) and no ridge of paper pressing against the art (over time, creating a crease/ridge).
    Add "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" in Hebrew and English or any other quote to the text to make it more personal (no extra charge).

For Digital Artists

There are two services available to you to help you make your ketubah personal and wonderful


Digital Ketubah Text - Primarily intended for Graphic Artists who can make their own prints

 - or - 

Add Your Own Art - For digital media artists who need help with the text and want high quality printing. (This requires purchase of a Text Only Ketubah) 


For those who have the ability to work with Hebrew Texts, you may just want to license a ketubah text for $25 (not filled out) or $75 (filled out). You will receive a rich text version of your choice of Ketubah Arts proprietary texts  - click the link below (or see the individual text pages) for more info:

Custom Color

Make it Unique!

Many designs have colors that can be changed. 

Whether you are getting a Text Only ketubah that will make a beautiful minimal art piece in a bold blue with white lettering, or getting an art ketubah and want to add your special color as an accent, your creativity is the only limit.

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Like the design, but want to tweak it a little?
from 40.00

For $40, you can choose any font on any design, choose from this PDF, or ask for suggestions in a style you like.

Change the layout from the design default to stacked, side by side or interspersed.  

Change an aspect of the design (check with Ginny to see how much time is needed for your request)

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Digital Ketubah Text

Are you a Photoshop or Illustrator wiz, but need help with the Hebrew text? You could manage the English on your own, but since you need a Hebrew text, why not have them match? Custom fonts are included - any style you see on any ketubah on this website.

Add or subtract lines, rearrange, edit as needed and I will make the Hebrew match. For full translation of a custom text, you may want to hire an outside translator.

The price includes custom fonts, shapes to fit your specifications, and personalization. After you approve your text proof, you will receive your text in outlines.

Intended for personal non-commercial use only. No reselling or redistribution permitted.

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Add Your Own Art to Text Only Ketubah

Would you like your art to be added to a Text Only Ketubah and printed along with the text? With the large variety of artists creating digital media, a wonderful personal ketubah is yours to make.

The art must be 

  1. High Resolution (300 ppi or larger)
  2. The right size (matching the ketubah size ordered, minus 1 inch for paper or same size for canvas)
  3. Copyright available - your art or you have permission from the artist
  4. In print ready condition requiring no altering

Please send the art in jpg or png via your favorite file sharer with the color settings embedded to

Please note that you may want to purchase Custom Colors so that your fonts are legible if your art doesn't leave blank space (a text area) behind the art.

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