Discovery and joy are threaded through this romantic text. The promises made are universal and passionate, courageous and tender.

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 Today, the____ day of [month], in the year________ (secular date) which corresponds to _______(Hebrew date), we ____________ and ______________ stand together before our community of family and friends, as [bride and groom/grooms/brides/beloveds], to affirm our love and share our joy

Looking into each other’s eyes we see not just passion, but trust and kindness, curiosity and wonder, and most of all, love. We have found enclosed in each other’s hearts a world of bliss. As we go about our days, a warmth suffuses our thoughts, knowing that when we return home, we return to that world. You are my life, my love, my heart.

With a single voice, we each promise to be steadfast and true. We give all to love, obeying our hearts, refusing nothing, and following its needs utterly. Love requires unbending courage and we leave behind doubt, to make each of us more than we ever were. We will hold on today, tomorrow, forever, never abandoning hope and always holding on to joy.

We proudly sign this ketubah, a tangible reminder of our promise to be bound by this covenant of love so long as we shall live.

[Rabbi/Cantor/Officiant/_____] _______________

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