Wildflowers Art Nouveau Custom Ketubah


Wedding date: April 30, 2017

Client Description:

We are looking for

  • art nouveau design
  • not 100% symmetrical or are open in some way
  • interfaith secular text with the Hebrew on top and the English on the bottom.
  • Four different kinds of flowers: California poppy, Texas bluebonnet, indian paintbrush, and jasmine.
  • Quote, "Come with me, my love, come away, the rains have fed the earth, and left it bright with blossoms"

Digital Custom Print


Beginnings: Sketches and Notes

Design 1 - getting the elements ready

Next Steps for Designs - Playing with the Elements

Next Steps for clients

I don't expect any of the designs to exactly hit the target of what you want (although it would be great if it did). The feedback that would be helpful is to say for example, "We really like the border in the 2nd image of the 3rd gallery, but the color is not at all what we want. Can you put that border around the outside of the third image in first color on the palette with round dots." The more specific you can be the more likely I will get what you are saying.

After I get feedback from you, I will prepare a single image for you. It can be tweaked in minor ways, but will basically be your ketubah. At that point I will also have some suggestions for fonts. (if you have a style in mind, let me know so I can make sure to include it).

Other things I need from you:

Display font for quote (see gallery 1 fonts for a list)


Size 20x24" on Paper (recommended - it can go smaller or larger, but this size is really what it was designed for)


What CAN be Changed?

  • Text Content
  • Text Layout
  • Fonts & Font Color
  • Background Color of the Art
  • Wash/Shading behind the flowers

What CAN'T be Changed?

  • The basic artwork is finished at this point, having been prepared based on your requests and preferences after the initial designs (and my best efforts)
  • The Jasmine can be included or not included 
  • the blue bonnet leaves (from earlier designs) can be added back into the design behind the interwoven stems at the bottom of the art
  • The composition and content of the artwork is done both due to budget & time constraints

Artist's Choice

The first gallery is the ketubah as I would recommend it. These images are the ketubah as it would be if I were preparing it according to my best judgment. The additional options in the next gallery down are ideas that I considered as possibilities. I'm sharing them so that you can decide what works best for you. Ultimately, you have to live with the ketubah, so it is your preferences that matter. My recommendation reflects my preferences and I won't hold it against you if you decide that an element I love just doesn't do it for you! 

Text layout - you originally specified stacked layout. (Of course I can still do that!) I chose the alternating paragraph style here for several reasons: The Mrs Eaves font and Shofar are very well balanced and still easily readable. Fonts that contrast more need to be in entirely separate blocks or alternating lines. The next reason has to do with the shape of the border. I tried layout with the text following the border in a natural shape and it just didn't work with these fonts (calligraphy or sans serif would be the way to go, if you want that). These fonts really need orderly paragraphs. In order to keep the same width for each section, the size was just right. The blocks didn't flow visually in quite the way I liked.  

Options: Quote Fonts, Different backgrounds

Quote Fonts - Argos and Francisco

White Background

The white background really makes the colors vibrance stand out.

Darker Background

The background really changes the feeling of the art and our perception of color. I loved all three but compromised on the medium color.

Background Wash on the Medium background

Because I saved the wash as a separate image and then layered them, it appears darker and more orange than it does in the original art. If you like this option, I would be happy to send an additional preview where it is more accurate.