Text Ketubah - Arch Stacked Sans Serif

Text Only Ketubah Arch Sans-01.jpg
Text Only Ketubah Arch Sans-01.jpg

Text Ketubah - Arch Stacked Sans Serif

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Designed for DIY, these prepared ketubah texts allow artists to focus on their art, rather than text preparation and calligraphy. 

Included in your order:

  • Choice of I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine or other quotes in Hebrew and English.
  • Customizable signature lines

Please allow 5-10 business days (including shipping) for your order, longer if you need additional time to finish your text, get a rabbi's approval, etc. 

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Add Your Own Art to Text Only Ketubah

Would you like your art to be added to a Text Only Ketubah and printed along with the text? With the large variety of artists creating digital media, a wonderful personal ketubah is yours to make.

The art must be 

  1. High Resolution (300 ppi or larger)
  2. The right size (matching the ketubah size ordered, minus 1 inch for paper or same size for canvas)
  3. Copyright available - your art or you have permission from the artist
  4. In print ready condition requiring no altering

Please send the art in jpg or png via your favorite file sharer with the color settings embedded to ginny@ketubah-arts.com.

Please note that you may want to purchase Custom Colors so that your fonts are legible if your art doesn't leave blank space (a text area) behind the art.

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Designed for DIY

You get 2 digital proofs: 

  1. Text proof for content
  2. Visual proof showing how it will look when printed

You can specify the dimensions by purchasing CUSTOM LAYOUT. Specific proportions are available by request. By default, the largest shapes are sized to allow for a 1" framing margin and a 4" border, with 3/4" blank space around the text. The medium and small are proportionally scaled down. 

For custom sizes, choose the next larger closest to your size. (Communicate directly to discuss exact dimensions).  

The paper is 100% cotton, low acid, archival, very nice weight at 300 g, bright white - perfect for ink, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, or colored pencil. Mounted paper is the same high quality gorgeous paper with a stiff backing.

The canvas is white gessoed canvas treated with a waterproof matte UV coating to protect the lettering from fading. It is suitable for acrylic painting, especially when applied without much water on the primary layers. Application of a finishing product to preserve the paint is recommended. (Because I don't use oils myself, I can't say how it will react to oil paint).

You will be prompted to choose your text (and add names & dates) after adding your ketubah to your shopping cart.


Make it Unique!

Many designs have colors that can be changed. 

Whether you are getting a Text Only ketubah that will make a beautiful minimal art piece in a bold blue with white lettering, or getting an art ketubah and want to add your special color as an accent, your creativity is the only limit.

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from 40.00

For $40, you can choose any font on any design, choose from this PDF, or ask for suggestions in a style you like.

Change the layout from the design default to stacked, side by side or interspersed.  

Change an aspect of the design (check with Ginny to see how much time is needed for your request)

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