All of these are things that I use regularly and heartily recommend. Click through to Amazon and buy them (and I earn a very small commission).

Art Supplies


Every year or so, I buy a variety of papers in bulk. This is a small selection of different watercolor papers that I have used and liked. I tend to prefer hot press because of smoother surfaces (accepts ink for calligraphy better).



My favorite medium is gouache - an opaque watercolor. It makes velvety, color-saturated surfaces. It can be worked thin like traditional watercolor or heavily like oil paint or acrylic. It remains workable after drying. I mostly use 4 brands.

Windsor & Newton - basic but good quality. Huge range of colors. Excellent for beginners.
Schmincke - creamy lovely texture. Nice coverage and very rich pigments.
Turner - Yummy. Tricky to work with but very bright rich colors.
Lascaux - large bottles, rich colors.


Paintbrushes are disposable items, good for a year or so (maybe two or three if you are good about taking care of them - wash them with a gentle soap after use, don't leave them sitting in water, always store bristles up). I have found that true whether I buy the most gorgeous natural bristle brushes or cheapo craft brushes. So my advice: keep it simple. One of my art teachers told me that you are only as good as your tools. This is totally untrue. A good artist can make art with mud and sticks. You can spend a lot of money on brushes that is better spent on high quality paper and paint.