Roses and Cyclamen Custom Ketubah

Resting on an armature of delicate vines across two golden circles, sterling roses, hyacinth, and cyclamen, surround this custom text.. Two quotes in Hebrew surround the text, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine," and "I have found my soul's delight."

30x30, gouache, ink, colored pencil, gold paint, 2012.

Proposed design 1: Ink drawing showing roses, anemones (calaniyot), and hyacinth rest on golden circles. Anemones were one idea to represent Israel in the design.

Proposed design 2: Ink drawing showing  roses, hyacinth, and cyclamen rest on two circles. This design progressed to become the final design.

Color Study: Trying to figure out the right red. Roughly painted without much detail. Sterling roses, hyacinth, and cyclamen rest on two golden circles. Eventually the bride decided on white cyclamen with red centers.