Designed to accommodate couples who are comfortable with mainstream Reform Judaism. Simultaneously voicing a deep commitment to Judaism and a pluralistic commitment to be welcoming to all, this text speaks to shared communal values as well as love and friendship.

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This ketubah witnesses before God, family, and friends, that on _____ day of the week, the ______ day of the month____ in the year five thousand seven hundred and seventy-________, corresponding to the ______day of  __________ in the year two thousand and ______________ [secular date], that [the groom/bride/beloved] ________, [son/daughter/child of ________], and [the groom/bride/beloved], ____________, [son/daughter/child of ______________,]   stood under the wedding canopy in ______________ to enter the holy covenant of marriage. With love and reverence, the [groom/bride/beloved] and[groom/bride/beloved] declared:  

"With these rings, we consecrate ourselves in marriage according to the traditions of Moses and Israel. We promise to be equal partners, loving friends, and supportive companions. We value in each other and ourselves qualities of compassion and forgiveness, understanding and wisdom. Our love will provide us with the strength to be ourselves while cherishing the beauty of our differences. We promise to share in each other’s dreams while not forgetting our own. Because we cherish the closeness that allows us to express our innermost thoughts and feelings, we promise to give one another respect and trust. We promise to support and comfort each other in times of sorrow and to share our joys and triumphs. Our home is a place where all are welcome, and we fill it with laughter and play, understanding and trust, creativity and imagination, friendship and community, companionship and love. With our family and in our home, we will celebrate Jewish holidays and honor the traditions of Judaism and devote ourselves to learning, charity, and acts of kindness."

________ and _________ then together declared before God and all present that they have signed their names to this ketubah of their own free will without reservation or restraint and they intend to be bound by this holy covenant so long as they shall live.

[Rabbi/Cantor/Officiant] _________________________________________


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