Walk in the Woods (copper) Ketubah

A Walk in the Woods Ketubah
A Walk in the Woods Ketubah
A Walk in the Woods Ketubah
A Walk in the Woods Ketubah
A Walk in the Woods Ketubah
A Walk in the Woods Ketubah

Walk in the Woods (copper) Ketubah

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You went for a walk in the woods and spent all day gathering your thoughts. You can't say why this day was different or why the person you went with is so very special, but it was and they are.

Leaves are arranged across the page creating the decorative border from their silhouettes. Each one is ordinary and easy to find but all together they create a pattern rich in texture and variety. 

Beneath the signatures is a quote in English from the Book of Ruth: "Entreat me not to leave you or to return from following after you for where you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God." The quote may be substituted with any similar length poem or song.

This design is beautifully legible at any size. Those ordering a Conservative text are recommended to buy at least the 20x20 size.

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Shipping: $18 Overnight / $8 Ground.

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Limited to 200 ketubot in any size on any material. Each one is prepared to order and digitally numbered and signed. 

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For $40, you can choose any font on any design, choose from this PDF, or ask for suggestions in a style you like.

Change the layout from the design default to stacked, side by side or interspersed.  

Change an aspect of the design (check with Ginny to see how much time is needed for your request)