Madrid Ketubah

Budget: $ 640 USD

Additional Fee for Vellum: $ 55 USD
As we discussed via email, vellum cost additional money. I was able to use only one sheet, so was able to save the cost of the additional sheet of vellum).

Labor: (actual hours: 17 hours / $680) project labor capped at 13.5 hours $540

Project total: $ 695 USD
Deposit paid: $ 320 USD

Remaining fees:  $ 375 USD 

Client: Eridany James

Description: A birthday present for her mother; a ketubah to replace mother's grandmother's ketubah destroyed when they ran away from Spain. 

Handmade with calligraphy, Orthodox Aramaic. Some flowers and leaves from Keter around the text. Antique looking.

Budget: $640 USD, including supplies and shipping.

Shipping: Shipping is estimated to cost about $100 for 5 day shipping via FedEx. I can include this amount in the total budget. There may be customs taxes, etc, but that will be your responsibility.

Size: I recommend 10x15 inches. This will allow the text to be a good size and still have a little room for flowers. It is possible to go larger or smaller.

Paper: I recommend using a very high quality watercolor paper that is archival and made from 100% natural fibers. This will allow the project to meet budget.

We discussed using parchment or vellum (made from animal skin) but this will add about $100 to the budget allowing less time for painting/calligraphy. 


Before work begins, I require a non-refundable deposit. When the work is completed, I will send a photo for your review.  At that point, the balance of the payment will be due.


Next Steps:

1. Deposit needs to be purchased (any major credit card accepted).

2. The following information is needed to complete the text:

Fathers' names for bride & groom
Was bride's father living at the time of the wedding?
Bride status (never married/divorced/convert/other)

3. Once I have all the needed info, I will send you a text proof.

4.  A decision about paper is needed.

5. When the text is approved, I will begin the calligraphy and art.