Reprint on Paper & Mounted Paper (cost)


Reprint on Paper & Mounted Paper (cost)

from 32.00

Despite all attempts otherwise, sometimes things go wrong.

Whether you missed an important detail in your proof or you would prefer to have your ketubah printed on another medium, or your ketubah got lost at the wedding, or .... any number of other disasters, we'd all rather not think of, you can purchase a reprint here.

Reprints will have the same number as your original ketubah, regardless of the material they were originally printed on. Please recycle your original if it is damaged or unusable.

Make sure to include your ketubah design name and number (if you have it, if not, I'll look it up for you).

Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for reprints with no alterations.

Reprints that need correction may take a bit longer. Every attempt will be made to get it to you quickly, but 5-7 business days is a realistic estimate of the amount of time that is needed.

Shipping: Overnight is $18 and Ground is $8.

Paper or Mounted Paper:
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