Add Your Own Art to Text Only Ketubah

Artboard 1.jpg
Artboard 1.jpg

Add Your Own Art to Text Only Ketubah


Would you like your art to be added to a Text Only Ketubah and printed along with the text? With the large variety of artists creating digital media, a wonderful personal ketubah is yours to make.

The art must be 

  1. High Resolution (300 ppi or larger)
  2. The right size (matching the ketubah size ordered, minus 1 inch for paper or same size for canvas)
  3. Copyright available - your art or you have permission from the artist
  4. In print ready condition requiring no altering

Please send the art in jpg or png via your favorite file sharer with the color settings embedded to

Please note that you may want to purchase Custom Colors so that your fonts are legible if your art doesn't leave blank space (a text area) behind the art.

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