Design process - Bloom Custom Ketubah

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How I decide to charge what I charge.

My nominal fee per hour is $40, but because of my binding estimate policy and my determination to really answer every question, it may dip down considerably. When I make your proof, I guess how long it will take to make your ketubah and pick a price starting at $1500. I take into account things like how decisive and communicative you seem to be (indecisive clients who don't tell me what they want take extra time since my mind reading skills are hit or miss), how complicated the art is,  how much calligraphy is involved, and whether or not you want gold-leafing or intricate designs.

So that you know what to expect, I cap custom fees in a binding estimate. This allows me to give in to my perfectionist urges in good conscience without blowing your wedding budget. If it takes less time, I can charge less than my quote, but I won't charge more unless we are 50% over allotted time during the design phase, i.e. I said it would take 40 hours for the whole project and we still don't have an approved design at 60 hours. (I know you wouldn't do this, but believe it or not, there are brides out there who either poorly communicate what they want or change their minds constantly with the end result being me working for $2 an hour).

Commission a Custom Ketubah

Starting at $1500

Here's How It Works

Contact me with your wedding date, designideas, text preferences, etc. If I can book you into my custom schedule, I take reservations up to a year in advance. I almost never turn anyone away unless it is utterly impossible.


Purchase the Custom Deposit

After I receive your deposit - $500 is nonrefundable down payment - you will receive a link to a private password protected page (so that no one sees your ketubah before you are ready) where design ideas and proofs will eventually be available. 


Show me your taste

If you don't already have specific ideas, I will ask you to do just a little homework. I would like to see 3-5 images of things you like. You don't need to know how they could be a ketubah, just what you like and don't like about the images.

If you are not sure where to begin, I suggest starting with any of my Pinterest boards.


Design Proof

At this point, I make a detailed design proof and send it via email. If you have set a budget, please let me know so that I can keep your design in the ballpark of what you would like to spend. Creating the proof may take 2-4 weeks. You will receive a binding cost estimate when you see the proof.

You look at the proof. Talk with your fiance about your impressions and then tell me what you think. If I have somehow managed to read your minds and create the perfect ketubah, then we skip ahead. Otherwise...


Design Changes 

If you want changes to a design, depending on how significant the changes are, I may make another proof for your approval. We can repeat this until the design is ready. Please note that if we go over the estimate by 50% during the design phase, I will begin charging hourly.


Text Selection

Select or write a text. You are welcome to create a custom text or edit one of mine. If you are modifying one of my texts, I will change the translation to reflect your changes, but if you are writing an entirely new custom text, you may want to make your own arrangements for a translator.



Depending on how complex the design and calligraphy are, it will take 1-6 weeks to make the ketubah. Once the design is ready, you will be able to pay for your ketubah on your private page. If you would like to make other arrangements for payment, (PayPal, check, direct payment),  I am pretty flexibleabout this part as long as I get paid (carrier pigeon with a visa card? No problem...).

If you are going with a hand painted design, expect to pay for shipping which may cost as much as $150. I ship by UPS or FEDEX overnight or 2nd day, insured for shipping damage. 

Expect the whole process to take at least 2-3 months. (It may take less or more).


Digital Design vs. Hand Painted 

Hand Painted On Watercolor Paper

From start to finish the hand painted ketubah is drawn and painted by hand using gouache (an opaque watercolor paint) and ink. Generally this process takes longer as changes often mean starting from the beginning and drawing and repainting the art. The biggest difference is that it is more expensive.

Digital Designs 

Digital designs are created with a combination of hand drawn art and painting scanned into the computer, then manipulated in art or graphics software. The text is typeset in a variety of styles (anything you see on the prints page is available). The designs can be more easily altered and are generally less expensive. Once the design is approved, it is printed using large format giclee printing on a variety of materials.

Which one is right for us?

Hand Painted might be for you if:

  • You place high value on something created by hand
  • Your budget allows for $1800-$2200 plus shipping
  • You are ordering with more than 3 months before your event
  • You like the idea of something being created for you that allows the artist more room for creative expression.

Digital Design might be for you if:

  • You want a selection of materials
  • Limited Budget - starting at $1500
  • You are ordering with less than 3 months to your event
  • You like to have a lot of control over the end result