Braided Cherry Blossom Trees Custom Ketubah

Digitally designed and painted, giclee printed on 100% Cotton paper, 18x24 inches

How we got to the finished design

Research & Starting Points

Clients' first thoughts:  We think we would like the border to go all the way around and we also possibly want some room on the top to put a quote.  I don’t know if it makes a difference, but we would probably choose some different colors as well.  We had the idea of possibly putting our initials and wedding date in the tree trunk and then maybe putting a few hidden messages in the tree leaves or border as well.  We like how the border looks, but don’t have any connection to the artist it is based off of, so we would be interested in exploring other possible options.



Version 1

Digital Sketch 2

Version 3: Painting and Design of the Final Version