The Art of Same Sex Ketubot

With a commitment to serving the needs of couples, who ever they love, Ketubah-Arts offers flexibility in every aspect of a ketubah - whether it is allowing couples to request changes to the texts or the art or providing a wide variety of ketubah styles, every couple can choose a ketubah that will be a tangible reminder of their commitment to each other.
— Ginny Reel, Artist & Proprietor of Ketubah-Arts

Beyond offering ketubah texts that have a wide variety of standard options for same sex couples, the illustrations and art provide meaningful choices for all couples to represent their marriages

1. Timeless Designs and Gender Neutral Art

Good ketubah designs leave room for couples to love them. When choosing art to represent your relationship, you don't want designs that don't fit or that don't leave room for evolving senses of self and changing fashions.

Occasionally, people ask why my designs are not "more weddingy." 

By not using wedding industry imagery of specific trends in weddings, couples are allowed to attach their own meaning and memories to the designs. 

Not only are contemporary depictions of brides and grooms frequently cliche, they also risk being quickly dated as fashions change. All of my ketubot should look fresh and artful now, in ten years, and in the next century. Because of this design philosophy, most of my designs are gender neutral.

This means that almost all of my designs are as potentially meaningful for same sex couples as for straight couples.

These two trees can represent any couple, because they are symbols of intimacy and commitment not specific to traditional gender roles.

The hands are androgynous, leaving room for the viewer to interpret. Is it two men, two women, or a man and woman?

In addition to being playful and fun, the Love Story Ketubah has two foxes who are not clearly masculine or feminine.

2. Universal Appeal in Modern Art Ketubah Designs

By distilling the images down to their essential visual and symbolic values, gendered depictions are left by the wayside.

Modern Art designs are another vector allowing entrance to all couples. Whether you are two grooms, two brides, or a bride and groom, art that focuses on universal appeal will be suitable for your wedding.

My modern art ketubah designs range from simple visual appeal such as Rising, Into the Green, or Nippon, to designs with an underlying symbolic meaning.

3. When a Couple is Depicted, Alternates are Offered

When a design features a couple, I offer alternates so that two grooms or two brides can fully embrace the ketubah as representing their marriage.

HOL 2 brides detail.jpg
Home of Love Ketubah
HOL 2grooms detail.jpg

In the Home of Love ketubah, the buntings pictured are Male-Female, Male-Male, and Female-Female pairs.

The Blown Away Ketubah began as a Bride and Bride design. The elegant period dresses of the flappers felt sexy and modern, perfect for brides with a sexy modern sensibility.

Adding the Bride and Groom and the Groom and Groom version was more challenging - Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly were my models for the active bodies of the grooms. The playful and elegant aspects of the design were easy to carry over, but the Modern Era tails had a little whiff of kitsch. In the end, I decided that updated hair helped the men feel more modern too.