I am not Switzerland

Occasionally, I try really hard to design something neutral. People ask for it. They say, "Your colors are just so ... bright ... I'm really looking for something more 'neutral.'" I'm not really sure what they mean. Maybe it is one of those things that everybody else understands, like "It's just so you!" or "That kind of thing only happens to you!" Everybody else is the room always knows just what is meant except for the person they are referring to. (Like the time I posted on Facebook about squirrels building a nest in my car's engine compartment and my sister said, "That kind of thing only happens to you!" and it got 20 likes).

I looked it up in the ever ubiquitous Wikipedia. Here are some of the 20-odd definitions of 'neutral:'

  • Neutrality (philosophy), not taking side in a controversy
  • Neutral solution (chemistry), a solution which is neither acidic nor basic
  • Neutral particle (physics), a particle without electrical charge
  • Neutral color, gray

This goes to the heart of being an artist. Even in when we portray objects realistically, such as in photography, creating art shows how we see the world, shares our perspective on the world around us. This means that we can't avoid taking a side.

The world, as I see it, is flooded with color. Even gray is never a simple gray, but rather a blue gray or yellow gray or warm gray...

Ok. OK. Really. I do know. They want something that blends in with furniture a little better. I'll try. But it will probably end up being too colorful anyway.