The Art of Same Sex Ketubot

With a commitment to serving the needs of couples, who ever they love, Ketubah-Arts offers flexibility in every aspect of a ketubah - whether it is allowing couples to request changes to the texts or the art or providing a wide variety of ketubah styles, every couple can choose a ketubah that will be a tangible reminder of their commitment to each other. 

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What is a Hebrew Date?

For religious purposes, those having a Jewish wedding record the Hebrew date rather than the secular date. To determine your Hebrew wedding date, I collect your secular wedding date and go to the HebCal Date Converter . It reliably provides the corresponding date. 

Don't we have something like 4 New Years? How can you even tell what year it is?!

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Hebrew Names

A Hebrew name in a Jewish context refers to the ritual name given at a bris (religious circumcision) or baby naming to a Jewish child or to a person becoming Jewish upon completing the beit din. It is used during religious rituals, like being called up to bless the Torah, getting married, or other formal ritual events.

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