Celebrating Anniversaries with Ketubah-Arts

Significant anniversaries, renewal of vows, or just a desire to say, ‘I love you’ to your spouse in a special way.

Couples looking to mark a significant anniversary or to renew vows often look for a meaningful way to document their time together. Anniversary ketubot are a wonderful, creative way to mark the passage of time.

Print or Original?

The major difference between the two is price. Prints range from about $200-$600. Custom originals average about $1600. (See about commissions here). The second important difference is time. Prints take about 2 weeks while custom ketubot can take about 3 months.


1.  Frame Your Original Ketubah.

Find your old ketubah and have it beautifully framed. Even if the document itself was just a form handed to you by your synagogue, its emotional significance can make it a wonderful item to display in your home.

Take it to a professional framer and go all out on a really nice matting and frame. You'll be surprised by how much a nice frame can dress up ordinary looking documents. 


2.  Choose Any Ketubah Design with Wedding Ketubah Text Using Your Wedding Date

Many couples received a generic ketubah that has sentimental value but is not a special piece of art. Other couples, especially those who have an interfaith background, did not have the opportunity to have a ketubah for their wedding. 

You can choose the text that best suits you whether it is an Orthodox ketubah text in Aramaic or an Interfaith text in English. You don’t need to know your Hebrew wedding date, just your wedding date, how (or if) you would like your names and your parents’ names to appear in Hebrew and English (depending on the text chosen).

3.  Choose Any Ketubah Design & Use The Anniversary Ketubah Text

Choose any ketubah design and when you add the ketubah to your cart, select ‘anniversary’ for your text. This text is also available in Same-Sex versions.

I wrote the anniversary ketubah text to broadly encompass as many couples as possible. If any line doesn’t ring true, feel free to edit or add as needed. If you would like the Hebrew to match your changes, please use underlines and strikethroughs to indicate what you have changed.  The signature lines may be changed to allow more signatures (or fewer) and labels may be changed or omitted. Some couples may find it meaningful to have their adult children sign as witnesses.

You can email your version at any point in the ordering process.


4.  Choose Any Ketubah Design & Use A Custom Text.

In addition to the option of editing my text, I also give couples the opportunity to write their own texts. Whether it is for an anniversary or a wedding, some couples gain great meaning from writing their texts together.

With a custom text, you have the option of using an English only text (with a quote of your choice in Hebrew and English), of hiring a translator to translate your text for you (I may be able to recommend one), or having me translate for you. I do this without charge as long as couples know and are comfortable ahead of time with my language skills. At one point I was fluent in Hebrew but it has been many years since I lived in Israel. From time to time when composing/translating new texts, I make mistakes like any non-native speaker. I do my best to accurately and grammatically translate.


5. Choose An Art Print With A Romantic Theme

Some couples want something special and Jewish without all the "I dos." They feel like they've done it before and instead want something to mark the time passing. Art prints are well suited for this task. The Art collection here, like all of the ketubot, are created by Ginny Reel. They are limited run prints on very high quality material. While there is a limited selection, new pieces are being added, including a series of home blessings.

Framing is available on request.