Extending respect to people of different backgrounds, knowledge levels, and experiences is a central value. This includes, but is not limited to: couples who may be interfaith, interracial, same sex, or non-traditional genders, as well as the "getting married in the synagogue in a traditional way" Jewish empowered bride and groom.

After many years making custom ketubot,  in Spring 2012, I added prints to my offerings, bringing the same high quality and personal service that have been hallmarks of my custom commissions to clients looking for a more affordable and faster ketubah. I wanted to be certain that I had technical solutions for really good art reproduction and customizable text at an affordable price.

Quality, Flexibility, and Affordability

Each ketubah is made to order and printed on demand. This means that your information is seamlessly integrated into the text as part of a regular purchase. Clients may mix and match the texts, use entirely custom texts, add or remove lines, change signature lines, and designate how they want to be identified (Bride? Groom? Beloved? No labels?)

Your Text, Your Way

The only limit is that I cannot use copyrighted material without permission in writing. If there is a copyright protected text you love, try contacting the copyright holder and ask if they license their text. Anything you write yourself may be used, of course.

Answers to other questions:

What do I sign my ketubah with?
What is a Hebrew Name?
What is a Hebrew Date?

This really is as good as it looks

Premium materials, beautifully printed, using high resolution images. Comparing prices from the big Judaica websites, buying a "premium" ketubah, personalized and shipped via ground costs easily costs $500-$1000 compared to $200 - $600 here. And their version of "rush" is lower quality and slower than any of my standard production and shipping times. 

How can I afford to beat their prices and work so fast?

The short answer: Low overhead costs, a streamlined production process, not selling wholesale, and making your ketubah on demand.

Production Times

5-10 business days is realistic. Of course, that relies upon the client to be prepared with all the necessary information and promptly respond to proofs. The biggest delay is often getting rabbi approval for your ketubah. While many rabbis are extremely quick to look over the proofs, others may take weeks. 

For best results

  • Order your ketubah at least a month before your wedding
  • Check the calendar for big holidays that might delay rabbi approval.
  • Be considerate of your rabbi's time and send only the final proof. Don't include them on every email!
  • Order far in advance. In a pinch, you will probably get it on time, but it is much less stressful to order ahead.


I want your ketubah to be beautiful and meaningful and to last as an heirloom for future generations.
Ketubah-Arts, based in Amherst, NY, is the online studio of Ginny Reel.

Ketubah-Arts, based in Amherst, NY, is the online studio of Ginny Reel.

Two stage proofing comes with every order, so you know exactly what your ketubah will say and how it will look before you receive it.